The ugly Bakeling

Based on a true story but still  – A fairy tale

Once upon a time, a beautiful young lady, expected the ultimate banana bread. After difficult labour, the loaf was born. Unfortunately there were problems with the birth. The banana bread arrived deformed. Its crust was in the wrong place.

The mother originally rejected her progeny and left it to crumble on the kitchen shelf. As it happened, an older man chanced to pass by. He did not notice the misplaced features of the bread but saw only the purity of its conception and the pain of its incubation in the oven. He sampled it and found it to be very good with the inner qualities it had inherited from its Mama. So good was it in fact that he gobbled up a substantial portion of the ugly bread, saying to himself, how good you really are and how fortunate I am that you are outwardly ugly. This way I can enjoy your true goodness without any competition.

Unfortunately for the man but fortunately for the rest of the household, the mother of the bread came to her senses. She rescued the remains of her creation, swaddled it in clingwrap and popped it into the fridge.

Everyone was happy. The man had tasted the true delights of the ugly bakling, the rest of the family learned to love it. And best of all, the mother of the loaf came to realise that her product was full of the love and goodness that sprung from her and its outer lack of beauty did not matter at all.