Background: Written for a flash fiction competition. Must be a complete story in only 250 words. Words used – 249

His face took shape through the steam from the heated, residents only, indoor pool. It was just like that first time on the misty beach. Other visages had loomed and faded that day but Donald’s had tugged her. His quick smile. His deep “Hello”.  She recalled her own smiling and her laughing retort “bad day for shelling”.  

Words flowed rich and easy between them as she walked on by his side. She stumbled on seaweed and he caught her in his arms. The kiss that followed was inevitable and passionate. It was not he or she. Their fire was one.  Sudden panic struck her. “I must go” she gasped as she tore herself from him.  “Why”?  “Too much has been” gasped Ann. “I am married”.  “I must see you again” she heard Donald pleading. “It’ll be our secret and no-one will get hurt”. “It won’t work” said Ann. “I like you too much already. Please don’t contact me” She turned into the mist and ran.

Many haunted dreams ensued for Ann. She longed to call him but didn’t. She knew he also ached for her. Now, three years later, here he was again. “What was he doing in her space”?   His face seemed to say “at last I’ve found you”. “Hello Donald” she managed. “Do you know me” he asked?  “Of course Donald. I know so much about you” “I think you are mistaken” he said. “We have never met before. My wife and I have just moved in”.