Rich coming from you Doc

The new regime in South Africa got elected to run the country on the ticket that they would serve the poor and work for egality. What really happened?

Stack the money, stock the bank, amass uncounted wealth
Pay no taxes, stand on heads, do business with great stealth
You can do the labouring and turn an honest crust
I’ll do no more neighbouring. I’m affluent, you’re bust.

I’m too important now to fool with peasant stuff
I sit on boards of companies; I’m a chairman strong and gruff
I’ve been at every function; read the glitterati page
I’m seen at dinner parties and my suits are all the rage

We have a place near Still Bay, another South in France
Our friends come round in Mercs to talk & drink and sing and dance
We go on ocean cruises; ride the titans of the sea
We join the captain’s table and we gather at high tea

Yes I was once the underdog, sad victim of the time
But now I’ve made it big you see, I’ve done my social climb
Of course I had some friends; like you; to help me on my way
Now I’ve arrived I need no help, I can simply pay

So please don’t cause a nuisance here, begging on the street
The world’s too full of useless bums that I don’t care to meet
Here’s a pack of condoms in your wretched begging bowl,
to stop you making more of you, back in your home hell hole.

neal allen (2012)