Lover’s tiff

Big city couple, racked on life’s wheel
Nerves G# guitar strings, wound with hard steel
For no real reason one lashes out blind
Attacking the loved one with words most unkind
It’s tension release, just shedding the load
It’s beyond their control their fire to withhold

There’s a word or a gesture, an act out of tune
The wounded companion snaps back – all too soon
Anger boils up overwhelming good sense
Sharp tongues lash out and slash through defense
Fury takes over, there’s steel in the glove
Charged words attacking the person they love

Irrational rage strives to win at all cost
The relationship shattered, all warm feelings lost
Blind passions seethe, it’s a fight for dear life
Ultimatums screamed out are twisting the knife
Something is thrown, something is smashed
Hopes of recovery, totally dashed

Then, suddenly there is no more to say
A wheel on a heel & they each stalk away
Ice dripping silence reigns king of the mess
Too much has been said to ever redress

But humans are strange things, and time takes its course
They’re both feeling bad, but it’s not worth divorce
Time sidles by and emotion ebbs out
The lovers embrace. What was that all about ?