I pity your desperation, you sad & retched hag
Threading the hostile streets, dressed only in a rag
Do you have a purpose? Can your life change tomorrow?
What business shapes your path or is there to mend your sorrow
As you slouch from place to place with a zig here and a zag.

Your mouth cracks slightly open in a ghastly broken grin
Your rusty voice croaks out to me to spare you bread or tin
Your clotted eyes reflect your life all scrambled in your brain
A myriad of yesteryears, and tomorrows filled with pain
Two facing mirrors show you dwindling pale and thin

Could it be that once you lived, and loved and laughed out loud
Was there a day that you were strong and held your head up proud
What happened then to change it all and put you on this beat
What smashed your dreams and ripped your hopes and left you on the street
What made you such a lonely soul amongst the human crowd

But lo – what nagging doubt is scrabbling at my mind
What revelation is there, that I have yet to find
Perhaps you are the smart one, living simply and right now
In kaleidoscope of smells and sights and never caring how
Just being here in the real world; your face with wisdom lined.