Deep emerald green flames curled with golden hearts licking my mind
I screamed into silence so intense I could hear my body live
I whispered into dark, limitless, starless space
and heard my voice echo between planets and thunder into eternity.

These things happened to me in the strangeness of the unfolding
of the sliding of lonely time.
My journey went unnoticed with no companion.
I was breath on the hurricane.
I was barely the stirring of thought in the face of God.
And then I found her.

It was violet time and honey world and mischief
spinning, grinning in the wind. It was she and me.
Sometimes we danced and sang.
Sometimes, mindful of the chaos about us, we despaired.
But these times passed in the good living.
Our mountains were green and our souls rode
on the swells of good news and halcyon days.

We were companions.