And nobody cared

How could the tender orchid know,
that the heavenly rain she trusted so,
to kiss her petals and make her grow
would harden into icy stones,
would smash her face and break her bones,
would force her gracious head to bow?

She shivered and she hurt when the loving rain
turned to hostile hail, and hammering pain,
but slowly – slowly in her veins,
The sap built back to make her strong.
Ancient voices, sang orchid songs,
and she gathered courage once again.

The orchid survived as the dinosaurs failed.
The orchid grew noble as species paled.
The orchid led and others trailed.
And when the ennobled orchid saw,
the flowers of the forest, flayed and raw
by storms and abuses as they flailed

She nurtured, and gave them special care.
She understood their deep despair.
She healed their babies, gave them cheer,
these bewildered lives and families
she helped recover from disease,
this fragile – noble – orchid fair

Goto poetry