Micycle visits Pringle Bay bookshop

Just thought I’d mention it. Micycle and I went for a ride yesterday with no destination in mind. But we somehow ended up in Pringle Bay so we dropped in on the bookshop and met brother Ian’s friends Neil and Penny. Pringle books Neil webLovely people.

I didn’t know he ran the sailing club for Bishops school and was a physics teacher. He took us to their house which is really special down near the beach. They have been adding on so that visiting family can stay and the place has grown quite large now. They have folding ‘Trellidors’ in front of the glass sliding doors, but it is not so much for criminals. Baboons have become a menace in the neighbourhood and they blame it on ‘National Geographic’ who made a baboon film there. The locals say that Nat. Geo. staged the whole thing and taught the baboons to break into houses and now they do it all the time. Neil says they will lift a sliding door right out of its tracks and then they send the little ones in through the Trellidor to do the thieving. It sounds reminiscent of the modus operandi of other burglars who do night-work in our country.

I bought a book called ‘Bicycle’ whilst in the shop. I didn’t really want it but when I came out without it, Micycle sent me back in to get it. It is rather good fun I must say.  It explains how bicycle developed over the years and also has tips on bicycle maintenance etc. Micycle thinks it is just the greatest thing since double-ended spanners. Here are some of the fascinating pictures from the book showing the evolution of the Bicycle from the Velocipede in 1861 up to the safety bike in 1884. There were earlier and later bikes but this was the main development period. The final picture shows Micycle taking the view. She wasn’t going to be in the picture but she photo-bombed it.


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