Micycle finds a coffee shop

Well when I woke up that morning I just knew it was going to be  a great day. I was quite sure that the Western cape has not yet finished dishing out winter but today was a summer’s day. The sun was shining and the temperature climbed well into the twenties. Micycle was flashing her headlight so it was plain to see that not only were we going for a ride but it would have to be a decent one.

I buzzed Roger on the off chance that he may be feeling the same way and I’m pleased to say, he was. The only problem was that most of his bicycles seemed to be minus a few parts at the time and the only fully functional machine he had in the house was one of his tandems, ‘Daisy’ by name. I thought that I would be riding alone but no problem to Roger, he decided to accompany me on Daisy even though he did not have a backseat rider. Now it sure did look odd seeing this long sleek machine with a single human cyclist and just a ghost rider occupying the rear seat. I know there was someone there because the rear pedals kept going round and anyway, it was all I could do to keep up with them. I’m not sure why he calls the bike Daisy because that song was about a bicycle made for two and here was Roger on his todd doing all the legwork. Maybe it was because she was fitted with, not one but two, Daisy chains to drive her along like a stretched limo. Well we set off into a light North Westerly breeze in the certain knowledge that it would stiffen and be at our backs on the way home. This was in fact largely what happened except of course coming down the hill towards the Palmiet bridge on the way down from Betty’s bay.  On that stretch one passes the gap in the mountains lovingly known to the locals as ‘Piet se Gat’.  It is through this gap that most of the ugly weather comes to Kleinmond in winter and even when the wind elsewhere is coming from the North or West, it seems to funnel and deflect through Piet se gat and come straight back at you from the Northeast as you approach the bridge. Anyway that was about going home but getting back to the outward bound trip. Micycle was impatient as usual and clearly intoxicated by the summery conditions bounded off into the lead like a fleeting springbok. No dilly dallying or shilly shallying, we hared across to Betty’s bay, went straight through  and on out into the countryside. She only slowed for the first time as we swung down into Pringle Bay and in two twos we had covered the distance from the main road to the shopping area.

Pringle Anchor web
Roger sitting outside The Anchor restaurant before we went inside

There we pulled into the “The Anchor” restaurant. It is in a small shopping centre but it is nicely decorated and the hosts are very pleasant.  I tethered the two bikes together to keep them from wandering.

MIcycle & tandem web
We tethered the two bikes together

Roger was apprehensive about allowing them to nestle so closely together but they seemed to behave themselves and to be fair, on the way there we had not detected any real attempt by either to edge closer to the other.

Inside Pringle Anchor web
Inside The Anchor restaurant

At the café we each had a small single egg breakfast and bacon with a piece of toast and a few chips. It was just enough to load us with carbs for the return ride.

Before leaving Pringle we strolled around a very nice little kitchen appliance shop and then I took Roger to the bookshop and introduced him to Ian’s friend, Neil.

Pringle books Neil web
Neil in his bookshop at Pringle Bay

Neil’s other half, Penny was not in the shop at the time but he had a friend, Bobby there who kept us interested in all the new books. Roger loved the shop and bought a book and then Bobby Put an old book on the table called ‘Bicycle’ by John Wilcockson published in 1980. He suggested that one of us buy it and when I leafed through it, I decided this would be a very good idea. It is filled with bicycle history and splendid pictures and will make a really nice coffee table attraction Neil in his book shop    Well eventually we had to saddle up again and run before the wind all the way back to Kleinmond, (except for going past Piet-se-Gat that is). We made a very good time as well. All in all, the distance covered was 41.88 km and the time in the saddle was 1 hr  55 min. Our average speed, 22.2 km/hr. Not too shabby for two old men on the decline      What a splendid outing the four of us had.

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