Micycle does Vermont

Enough is enough and the Christmas season has to come to an end some time. I know this and my stomach knows this because my tummy bulge increases considerably over the festive season. I had been trying to ignore the idea though and this morning I was planning to lie in a tad and wait for the sun to come up properly before rising. By properly I mean it must rise at least half way up the sky.

Micycle however had other plans. My dreams were intruded upon by the insistent tinging of a bicycle bell and the glare of a flashing LED headlight. I forced myself to consciousness to discover that Micycle had left her normal parking place in the braai room and wheeled right on up into my bedroom. She would not go away and so I eventually, grudgingly agreed to go for a short ride. I splashed cold water over what I assumed to be my real face after locating its reflection in the mirror and stuffed my gut into my cycling shorts, zipping them up before I lost the contest. By this time Micycle was hopping up and down and making panting noises by releasing little bursts of air from the tyres. So I slung my leg over the crossbar and off we went. Well of course, my normal ride for an early January day would have been as far as the gates of Arabella country club because that is a good 12 km each way and quite enough. When we got to Arabella though there was no slowing down so I knew the game was on. Ah!  thought I, the big hill before the T-junction will have to be tackled. I really did try to cooperate with the Bicycle  and I  put my strongest foot down but my willingness must have been misconstrued. At the T-junction, instead of doing a U-turn and heading for home, Micycle took a right towards Hermanus and locked off the steering without completing the turn. Well, well. The pedals kept pumping up and down and I found I had to keep my feet on them if I was not to fall off. The last thing I wanted was to be lying in the dirt with a bicycle laughing at me so I started  pedaling all over again. Now there is one last escape route which, although strenuous, would have brought me back the other way after about 7km along the Hermanus road. When I saw the Karwyders Kraal loop looming on the left I tried to take Micycle by surprise and veer off into the loop but I was not strong enough. Karwyders scenic webOn and on we went past Fisherhaven and past Hawston and  at last we slowed at the traffic lights at the second Vermont turnoff. Micycle now seemed satisfied and became quite docile so I steered her down and around this picturesque little seaside town that is not the Vermont in America. After a while we arrived at the house that ex colleague Dave Terblanche had recently moved into after retirement in Cape Town. His wife Linda was there too so I gave Micycle the freedom of the yard and went in to see the new house. It was very nice and Linda insisted on plying me with rock shandys and eventually a very nice lunch in the garden. But at last it was time to go back to Kleinmond and Micycle & I cruised  up to the T-junction and then on past Arabella and Lamloch. By then we were both very tired and the wind which had achieved stiff breeze status was right into our handlebars making both Micycle and myself work very hard to get home. We did eventually reach our destination but what a performance.

P.S. Don’t tell Micycle that I will be going to Vermont on Friday. She is not invited

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