I must train that bicycle

I am tired and tubeless and and all pedalled out,  but I feel a little bit self-congratulatory at the same time. Today, Micycle and I went for our longest and I dare say most enjoyable ride to date.

I thought we were just going to do a spin around the block but once we got out onto the road, Micycle just turned towards Betty’s bay and the game was on. When we reached the 10Km mark at the Harold Porter botanical gardens I thought to turn back but Micycle’s wheels just kept going straight so what could I do but pedal. We went right through Betty’s bay and out into the country beyond and still we kept going up hills and down again. When we got to the booms at Pringle bay I was relieved when Micycle turned off the national road but to my dismay we were not due to stop yet. We wound along through the little town for several Kilometers and then back out onto a country road. This was a dirt road but a good one.

Prigle composite_1

In due course we arrived at the Hangklip hotel. It boasts three bars and advertises cold beer but a big sign informed me that they are closed in winter. It was of course, winter.Pringle composite_2

Micycle would not stop anyway and on we wound along the dirt road until we got to the lighthouse and the small fishing harbor. Not much of a harbor but there is a slipway and the bay is quite sheltered. The stony, beweeded beach is pristine and quite splendid.

Pringle composite_3

At last Micycle was content and agreed to turn for home. I was hungry by then and needed some pedal power so I stopped in the little town for a  fish and chips. Here is the café I went to. It had some interesting art works. Just to be spiteful, I chained Micycle to a post outside whilst I ate.

Pringle composite_4

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