The Adventures of Micycle

Micycle is a mountain bike. Well sort of. She is Neal’s wheels and he needs to sit bolt upright when he rides her so Micycle had to have very high-lift handlebars fitted. She also has a carrier so old Neal can set out on his winter rides wearing several layers of warm clothing and then slowly shed them onto the carrier as he warms up from the exercise or because the day gets hotter. 

Micycle takes the view_1              Spice cut out on BG copy               DSC02006

Micycle has a strong personality and has become somewhat eccentric as time has gone by. Since early 2013, Micycle, her cat Spice and her human Neal  have all lived in an apartment in Hout Bay. Micycle is the brains of the outfit and she makes all the decisions about where to go and what adventures to have. But Micycle is not stupid and she knows she needs Neal to do the pedaling so she puts up with him most of the time. Spice is just Spice. A big fat lovable cat who looks more like a penguin and who eats and sleeps and purrs a lot. They all used to live in other places before but those details belong inside the stories. Click a button below to take you to other places on this website.

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