About Spiderings

The Spider staggers over the ink pad and then crawls across the website weaving wavering tracks. Tracks that may or may not have meaning. To discover the spider crawl, use the main menu at the top or quick links on  the various pages.

neal is the editor but you cannot blame him if the Spiderings coverspider scrawl is somewhat unintelligible. Then again, sometimes we should take note of what spiders are trying to tell us. So click on the little zebra striped icon next to the site title above and select what you would like to look at. You can also search for an item anywhere on the site by clicking on the magnifying glass and entering a key word or three. At any time you can go back to the blog pages at the front by simply clicking “Home” on the menu.

neal likes to recycle tired old words and press them into new formations. The Short stories and Poetry on this site represent the outpourings of neal’s sometimes obscure mind.Goto short stories  THe jury is still out on whether or not neal is a rational being but expect wordplays and sideways thinking.

Goto poetry

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The Adventures of Micycle on the other Go To Micyclehand are not neal’s fault because his bicycle has its own mind as you will discover.

Meanderings are irregular BLOG postings about things that happen to and and are done by neal as he follows the spider through life.

Thank you for flying in to visit ‘Spiderings’. I hope you will come again soon. Beware the web though. You maBlue-spidery find it difficult to leave.


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